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About Us
Hunan Ruhr Energy Technology Co.,LTD
Hunan Ruhr Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a supply chain integrator focusing on European and American trade. It is a centralized procurement service provider specializing in providing industrial supporting products for energy system customers. It mainly serves enterprises in nuclear energy, gas, petrochemical, thermal power generation, aerospace, rail transit and other industries, providing customized supply chain solutions for energy customers.
Business Area
  • Nuclear power plant
    A power plant that generates commercial electricity by converting nuclear energy into heat to produce steam for a steam turbine, which in turn drives a generator.
  • Gas
    Gas is a general term for gaseous fuels, which can be burned to release heat for residential and industrial use.
  • Petroleum chemical industry
    Petrochemicals for short. Generally refers to the chemical industry using oil and natural gas as raw materials.
  • Thermal power plant
    Thermal power plants, referred to as thermal power plants, are factories that use combustible materials (such as coal) as fuel to produce electric energy.
  • Aerospace
    It is a highly integrated modern technology, involving many disciplines, including two branches of aeronautics and astronautics.
  • Rail traffic
    Refers to a type of vehicle or transportation system that requires the operation of vehicles on a specific track.
  • Fuqing nuclear power plant

  • Tianwan nuclear power plant

  • Ningde nuclear power plant

  • lingao nuclear power plant